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Their Description, References, and any other Instructions and notes you might write down for yourself. You can even upload important files like your resume, a cover letter, portfolio requirements, and other attachments in the dashboard’s Documents pane.

JobHero even has a job search board and career advice, but those are of little use in the Indian context. Stick to using this one as an organization tool, nothing else.


If you have struggled with creating a good CV in the past, you will know that composing a well-formatted resume isn’t easy. Will, head to EnhanCV – a free service that lets you create a resume without even signing up.

The big benefit of EnhanCV are its tips on how to fill each section. For example, it will advise you to describe how you applied your skills and abilities to achieve something. This lets you quantify your work and convey its significane.

These are the small insights that will make your CV stand out when compared to others. You can also add new sections, rearrange or edit the layout, and change the fonts or colour scheme.

The free version lets you download a resume with an EnhanCV watermark in the bottom. If you want to remove that, you’ll need to opt for a paid account, which costs Rs. 1,000 per month. If money is an issue, you could use EnhanCv’s suggestions and tips as a starting point to create your resume in Microsoft Word or any other word processor of your choice.


Mike and Jeff, aka The Interview Guyz (TIG), have two objectives: to get you the intervies, and then, the job.

TIG boasts of a large repository of YouTube videos that are full of tips and tricks that you can use during your interview, ranging from how to negotiate your salary to how to assert dominance with your body language.

Perhaps the most important section of their site is what you should do after the interview, which features techniques on how to follow up without seeming pushy and desperate


It’s a good idea to practice for your interview with a mock meeting first. My Interview Simulator (MIS) is a simple web app that helps you do that. This website has compiled the most common questions asked in job interviews and turned them into a tool to test yourself. There are 46 basic and 85 behavioural questions, and siz full interview simulations. The basic interviews act as guides, telling you how you should deal with a question and what the interviewer is looking for in your answer.

Once you go through the basic interviews, try out the behavioural ones and only then proceed to the final interview simulations. It might be helpful to get someone else to practice these with you, so that you get used to the idea of talking to a person, not just a screen.


One of the most vexing parts of the job hunt process is salary negotiation. It can be tough to figure out whether you’re being paid fairly or getting exploited. To put your doubts at ease, research at PayCheck.

In PayCheck’s Salary Checker tool, select your occupation and the years of experience you have to get an idea of how much people like you are being paid across India. This data has been collected from various sources, including users who submit their own details to the site.

The tool also provides other factors you might want to consider about the position you’re being offered, such as the average age and working hours, gender ration, job satisfaction, contractual or freelance, and so on.

PayCheck also has detailed resources on understanding labour and wage laws, policies on leaves and holidays, safety and trade unions.


Sometimes, you need real people to answer job-related queries. Try CiteHR, an online community of HR executives, consultants, startup founders and employees who provide answers to “all aspects of business and professional life”.

Registered users can post questions regarding anything from Provident Fund withdrawals to background checks on a certain company’s department, how to start a PR firm or even the requisites to apply for a job in a specific industry.

Just make sure you look at the user’s profile to see how respected they are in the community or ask them to cite a valid source for their opinions before taking any advice. Remember, this is a bulletin board service, so it’s always best to be thorough in